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Cosmetic Tattoo is semi-permanent with the specialised ink implanted into the dermis and is used to enhance features of the face, scar camouflage and for creation of areola after mastectomy.

Chris completed her initial Cosmetic Tattoo training many years ago in 1998 and have completed hundred’s of brow, eyeliner, lip and areola designs since then and is the most experienced and qualified Therapist and Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioner in this region.  She has an extensive knowledge in Cosmetic Tattoo techniques, having a thirst for new techniques  she regularly completes advanced seminars and training opportunities to ensure that she can offer you the most up to date equipment and looks, one being the latest in eyebrows specialising in Powdered and / or Featherstroke Eyebrows.

Having been a Colour Consultant for 10 years she has a keen eye for colour and has found this experience invaluable when evaluating choices of colours for clients.

No more …

  • Panda eyes or Eye pencil running.
  • Spending time Pencilling in Eyebrows wondering if you will ever get them even!
  • Hard to define Lips
  • Bleeding Lipstick

What is a cosmetic tattoo?

A Cosmetic Tattoo uses a hypo-allergenic, natural pigment which is microscopically implanted into the dermal layer of the skin with amazing results.  This process is used for cosmetic and corrective purposes which creates a long lasting effect that  accentuates and improves the definition of eyes, eyebrows and lips leaving eyes, brows or lips defined instantly with an improved appearance of perfectly applied make-up whether you require a dramatic or soft, natural look.  Also known as Micro pigmentation or Permanent Cosmetics although in Australia it is illegal to advertise that cosmetic tattoos are permanent as over time they will fade due to a number of factors.

Who benefits from a cosmetic tattoo?

  • Busy people / Athletes / Entertainers / Models
  • Physically & Visually Impaired
  • Allergy prone, sensitive to make-up
  • Those lacking confidence in makeup application
  • Those who want to save time & look good, even under the most active conditions
  • Those with Alopecia (hair loss)
  • Anyone whether young or old (To date the oldest client Chris has performed a treatment on was 84).

What does it look like on the skin?

It looks as if you have applied a pencil, perhaps a little softer and more muted.  The colour immediately after the treatment will be stronger, brighter and possibly darker than your desired colour.  In most cases you do lose approximately 20-40% of intense colour during the healing process within 4-14 days, excluding full lip colour which you can lose up to 50% after the healing process thus you may need to have several treatments to obtain best colour.  Again this depends on the colour used, type of skin and if you have followed the homecare instructions.  Colour retention is individual.  It is best to wait 4- 6 weeks for the final colour result.

Eyes & brows:

Chris offers two enhancing eye procedures: Eyebrows & Eye Liner.


Eyebrows frame the Face and give your face expression.  Everyone is meant to have eyebrows.  Whether you have over-plucked, have scars or gaps, can’t see to ‘design’ them or just wanting a more definite shape, colour is implanted to the designed shape that both you and Chris have discussed at great length, and in the desired technique/s from solid/powdered to feather hair strokes or a combination of all.

Who is this great for?

  • Over plucked eyebrows
  • Alopecia (hair loss)
  • Scars or gaps
  • Add defined shape
  • Physically & Visually Impaired
  • Just getting older eyebrows – 80% of women lose the outer end of their eyebrow after 60 years old.

Eye liner:

Colour can be implanted on top & / or lower eyelids to enhance, enlarge & define the eyes. Eyeliner can be wide, tapered, thin or just dotted between the lashes to add definition. Shading can also be used to give a softer ‘smokey’ line. Various colours can be used to compliment the eye.

Great for those who have –

  • Oily skin
  • Sparse eyelashes
  • Make up allergy
  • Pale eye colour & pink eyes
  • Contact lens wearers
  • Sports people
  • Physically & Visually Impaired


Chris offers three enhancing lip treatments: Lip Liner, Lip Blend, Full Lip.

Lip Liner
Colour is implanted in a fine line around the lips to give a defined shape.

Great for those who have:

  • Pale lips
  • Undefined lips
  • Sun damaged lips
  • Emphasise or enlarge the mouth

Lip Blend

Colour is used to outline the lips and is then blended into the lips – creating a blended, less obvious, lipline. This gives a softer lipline and fills the parts of an uneven lip.

Great for those who want to:

  • Balance crooked lips
  • Define thin lips
  • Create fuller lips

Full Lip
An outline is created and then the entire lip is implanted with colour – no need to wear lipstick – large number of colours to choose from. No need to re-apply lipstick every time you eat and drink. Plus lip gloss will give a lovely finishing touch.

Great for those who have:

  • Uneven lip colour
  • Pale lips
  • A Make up allergy

Practitioner selection:

Chris offers a FREE consultation to those wanting a Cosmetic Tattoo procedure. This FREE consultation gives you the opportunity to:

  • Discuss what is involved
  • View our extensive portfolio

Before selecting a cosmetic tattoo practitioner it is recommended to:

  • Go for an interview at their clinic or salon.
  • Ask about their background.
  • Do they keep up with continuing education?
  • Do they have certificates to prove this?
  • Ask to see them.
  • Do they belong to any Beauty Associations?
  • Do they have a valid Professional Liability Insurance?
  • Evaluate the cleanliness of their premises.
  • Determine if they use disposable machine parts.
  • Do they use heat sterilisation on all equipment?
  • How many pigment colours do they have? They should have more than 20 colours.
  • Can you discuss the procedure with the Practitioner.
  • Tell the practitioner what you want done and listen to their ideas Did they listen to what you want?
  • Do they explain everything in detail?
  • Can you communicate well with them?
  • Does the practitioner specialise in this field?
  • Ask to see photographs of their work.

If you have had prior a cosmetic tattoo treatment yourself, how does it compare with what you’ve seen? When choosing someone to perform your facial cosmetic tattooing choose someone with plenty of experience, proven skill, someone you can trust, with Passion, Compassion, and an artistic eye for detail!


“Hi, I am a mature aged woman that was way overdue for a lift in my life, and what better could I do but to have some cosmetic tattooing done.  Off I went to talk to Chris about the way I looked with very little of my eyebrow hair left, to be told that I could have the natural look of eyebrows, colouring and shape Chris could create in tattooing.  We then did the booking which takes about an hour or so to complete, we proceeded to have the job done.  I think this is where you think it is going to hurt and look terrible, but believe me, it is nothing like you think.  After Chris uses a deadening cream there is very little discomfort other than a tickle.  When done you look in the mirror and think it’s a bit bright, that’s normal as it has to have time to settle down to the true colour you chose, which is about 2 to 3 weeks, by that time you have gotten used to it.  That is when you are feeling very proud of yourself and how you look, it is a great feeling.  I have now added to this by having lower eyeliner.  If you would like to ask me anything feel free to ask Chris or the girls for my number.  Good luck……you won’t be sorry.”   Regards Ms H

“After having my eyebrows tattooed I would fully recommend any-one to go and have the done.  A very happy and satisfied Customer.” Brenda.

“I was very self conscious of my imperfect eyebrows (gaps and thinning), so I had Chris tattoo them.  She did a great job and I am very happy with the result.  My friends didn’t notice any change from the way I had been doing them with a pencil. I would highly recommend the procedure and Chris’s skill.  Chris has since then tattooed eyeliner on the top and bottom of my eyes.”  Julie

“I am over the moon, and thrilled about my eyebrows, and top and bottom eye liners.  Made my day.”  Sue

“Had my eyebrows tattooed at Your Beauty and I couldn’t be happier or more confident.  Thankyou so much.”  D.B.

Refinement appointment:

After four to six weeks which is the time it takes for the final result to be revealed, Chris likes to be able to review the tattoo.   Treatments are generally completed in the first visit but you may need to have a top up session to make any final adjustments.  This Refinement session will cost $60 for a touch up four –  six weeks  after the initial tattoo.

Lips can take two to three treatments to finalise but last well. Four to six weeks after the procedure is the time limit to have your tattoo perfected otherwise your treatment will be a Re-Touch which costs more than the Refinement. All the above treatments are guaranteed for one year, if you have been for a Refinement adjustment within the time limit.

IMPORTANT ** If you have a history of cold sores, fever blisters or any type of sore on the lips you will have a recurrence after lip treatments. The virus always lies dormant in the skin and any trauma or stress will activate it. We recommend 2 weeks prior to any Lip procedure a course of L-Lysine tablets and  a course of anti cold sore treatment (such as Zovirax, Valtrex or Famvir) at least one week prior to any lip procedure. Avoid nuts, cocoa powder, chocolate, peanut butter, brown rice, oats and other grains as these encourage herpes. A course of 3B laser healing treatments post treatment is most beneficial in preventing and hastening the tissue repair.

It is important to inform us: if you are on medication, suffer with keloid scarring or have any medical problems. Extended sun exposure, using Retin-A and Glycolic Acid will fade out colour from all treatments. Sun block is necessary at all times. If having a lip treatment, start conditioning lips with a moisturising cream to prevent dryness.

The healing time is minimal for all treatments, hardly noticeable and a small percentage of people do have some swelling, but work and all other activities can continue immediately.  It is only with Lip treatments that swelling can last for 24 hours.

Is there discomfort involved?

The sensation can vary from person-to-person but the result far outweighs any discomfort. A high quality topical anaesthetic can be applied  which  significantly reduces discomfort.

Do I need to take time off work, and are there side effects to cosmetic tattooing?

The healing time is minimal for all treatments, hardly noticeable and a small percentage of people do have some swelling, but work and all other activities can continue immediately.  It is only with Lip treatments that swelling can last for 24 hours and there may be some tenderness for a few days.  The colour implanted will be darker than you would expect for the first 5-10 days.  Most people do not need to take time off from their employment for eyebrow or eyeliner procedures – however, it may be advisable to take the day off if having your lips done.

Do I have a choice of colour or intensity?

The range of colours available is almost endless and can be custom tailored to suit every individual’s needs. Results can be as understated or as dramatic as you prefer, creating a long lasting look to enhance your natural beauty. Chris has over 25 years of helping people choose their most flattering colours.

How permanent is cosmetic tattooing?

Even though this is a semi-permanent process, colour can be modified or changed. This can depend on many factors including the depth and amount of colour implanted originally It has been known to last for many years but generally does ‘fade’, or metabolise over time and may require maintenance or ‘Retouch’ visits in the future.  These treatments are at a reduced cost from the original full price for Chris’s clients.

Your investment:

These prices includes after-care and 4-6 week perfecting session.

Eyeliner top or bottom from $345
Eyebrow (full set) $447
Eyebrow feather stroke from $376
Full lip colour $540
Lip blend $450
Areola creation (to create or darken area around the nipple) from $250

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